Romaric Tisserand is a contemporary art & photography curator. He is operating a reasearch-oriented platform for art exhibition and cultural analysis under the acronym name (R ! O T) in order to develop a collaborative projects. With (R ! O T), he intends to propose a new creative approach of design, art, photography, film, sound and architecture. The spirit of those projects is driven by making experiments with unconventional materials and shapes, transforming observations into practices, exploring the potential of news forms/media.

Born in Toulouse in 1974, he studied contemporary art history at Sorbonne Master degree and Business Law. After been working years between Bilbao, Lisbon and La Havana, he is now based in Paris since 2003 where he co-founded the online galerie (2010) with Margherita Ratti and the online photographic funds of anonymous pictures,

In 2005, he joined Jean-Marc Patras gallery in order to develop it internationally and produce artist’s gallery works. He have been also working closely to Thierry Planelle, former Europe Virgin Music’s art director and co-partner on PPT/Projets (2008), and with Lise Sarfati promoting her work through galeries exhibitions and talks. He works also as an art director in the field of fashion and artistic production.

MBA graduate of History of contemporary art at the Paris Sorbonne University under the direction of Serge Lemoine, also graduate in International Business MBA and BA of European and Comparative Law.

(R ! O T) advices agencies, corporates clients, public institutions, museums and galleries, artists in the field of exhibitions projects, art events, publications, creative prints and as a visual editor and art producer.

Inspiring online projects, live performance, sculptures, scenography, prototypes, conversations, objects, exhibitions, T-shirt, merchandising, talks, ad campaign, limited brand publications, lookbooks, interviews and communication tools.


– Executive Art Production

– Photo Production & Editing

– Limited edition & Publishing

– Branding Content &  Merchandising


– Exhibition / Event management, scenography

– Communication & Marketing Tools  + Web

– Public Relations / Press


– Cultural analysis / Project management

– Creative consulting / Artistic direction for events

– Copyright management


– Collections Management and Cultural Programs

– Curator in contemporary art and photography

– Art adviser and Acquisitions for collections




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