Using Bumper Sticker american’s  culture to make my way back to american’s roots, I printed comic statement as sticker about the construction of the myth of the country when Peter Minuit (1580-1638) bought the island of Manhattan for 60 guilders from the indians. The monkey reference is linked to MoMO galerie happening from the artist with a monkey puppet in NYC, the unfair trade and as also playing with mass culture american character as KingKong.

All the sticker have been printed in Harlem Printing office. No one knew who was Peter Minuit and few of the people I met in New York had reference of the historical and legal act of purchase of the island. A bronze statue in north park and playgrounds of Manhattan are named after the dutch governor.

I begun to stick them random in car in the streets of NYC and Brooklyn in (september 2014).





About Romaric Tisserand

Romaric Tisserand is a visual and performance artist. His work is focused on new perspectives and practices in photography and contemporary culture, developing online exhibition like 3360 MoMO from M to O ( or AAnonymes, the search of the deliberated accident (2005-2009) and new media supports. He has supported and coordinated a series of non-western and emerging artists, as well established artists: from Lise Sarfati’s in Roma at the Villa Medicis to Samuel Fosso’s monographic show at Rencontres d’Arles. He is creating a plumber shop gallery, MoMO Galerie, since 2010. Since, he is involved in artistic direction and production partnership with the studio and magazine Momologue.