CASA MARVÃO PROJECT is a double self-produced CD and recorded in Casa Marvão Palace from January 2000 to June 2001 in Lisbon. Each one who was living in the Casa Marvão during this time receiving as a Farewell gift the two home made CDs as they were leaving. It was a fulltime creative period for all of us and I am still listening it 10 years after with the same enthousiasm.

Guitarra e voz : Tim Mc Leish
Guitarra e voz : Julien Garnier
Flauta : Aglaia
Djambe: Jan
Vozes e Barulho : Mavi, Karel, Charlotte, Nuno, Catia, Miguel, Romaric, Katia, Jens, Britta, Dani, Sylvie, Xeca, Heider, Male, Ricardo, Dirk, Katrien, Caroline, Adèle, Frédéric, Dominique, Nicolas, Fernando, Walter…and all who have been there.
Tomadas de som e fotografias : Romaric Tisserand

Produção : Nuno Vinhas e Romaric Tisserand

( CD 1 )

QUARTO 24 ( From Casa Marvão )

1- Boa Vista Funk
2- City Song Part 1
3- You Shall Not
4- Janela
5- City Song Part 2
6- Miss You
7- City Song Flauta
8- Superfunky
9- Suzie Q
10- Twist and shout
11- Quiet music
12- Saca-Rolha
13- Agua de Beber
14- and then Another
15- Azz
16- Blister and the Sun
17- Marujo Portugues
18- Casa Marvão
19- Chicaca
20- Clandestino
21- Flamenco
22- Bella Ciao
23- Love me Nuno
24- Medieval Flauta
25- Fogtown
26- Funky saudade
27- Leaving the City
28- It’s take a lot to laugh
29- Jam Funky

( CD 2 )


1- Cha Cha Song
2- Femme Amoureuse
3- Wawa Song
4- I Got the Song
5- I’ll be Sorry so Long
6- Le penisentier
7- Black trombone
8- Harmony Collective Blues
9- Interlude
10- Take me to the river
11- Easy listening
12- You and me
13- Fado Coimbra
14- Filosofia fadista
15- Musique douce
16- Wave
17- L’odeur des frites
18- Go back to me
19- Putain de toi
20- Stepping stone
21- All along the Watchtower
22- Test
23- Fim da Noite
24- Mam
25- Sorry
26- Riso
27- Trompeta
28- Estais ainda a gravar com caralho
29- Flamenco Rosa
30- Fado Constipado
31- Policia

About Icaarlamarck

Romaric Tisserand is a visual and performance artist. His work is focused on new perspectives and practices in photography and contemporary culture, developing online exhibition like 3360 MoMO from M to O ( or AAnonymes, the search of the deliberated accident (2005-2009) and new media supports. He has supported and coordinated a series of non-western and emerging artists, as well established artists: from Lise Sarfati’s in Roma at the Villa Medicis to Samuel Fosso’s monographic show at Rencontres d’Arles. He is creating a plumber shop gallery, MoMO Galerie, since 2010. Since, he is involved in artistic direction and production partnership with the studio and magazine Momologue.