New Format / New Audience

New Audience / New Format

Even though Fine Art Photography has been considered since the modern era as a concept for museums exhibitions and precious books, photography has been mainly dedicated to exist in mass media as a projectile or a collective mental object.

Artist such as Ed Ruscha (Royal Road Test, On the Sunset Strip), or more recently Martin Parr, took the printed medium for a perfect format to develop concepts or statements.

Since the raise of simultaneity and ubiquity of information, photography had to invent a new language to be pertinent and to exist. Internet is now providing a new space for new practices.

In parallel to specialized photography press like FOAMCamera Austria or Aperture and museum catalogues, the dematerialization of the support have been creating with its viral and ubiquity effect a new ecology between the photographer and his audience.

New producers, new collectives practices, web documentary, interviews, online exhibition, blogs, handmade book, industrial book, limited edition book, proposing a mixed representation of our complex reality trough the exploration of a large range of possibility : blogs, Webmags or online galleries (American Suburb XMoodwrestling,1000 WordsSexy peopleJSDJNoFoundProjectPurpose).

independant Publishers (KesselKramer PublishingTinyvicesHumble), “The last days of W” of Alec Soth, or a sponsorised Magnum’s Fashion Magazines with Lise Sarfati or the brand new Fun Archive from Thomas Mailender

R-O-T &  is showing pictures on Purpose Magazine


About Icaarlamarck

Romaric Tisserand is a visual and performance artist. His work is focused on new perspectives and practices in photography and contemporary culture, developing online exhibition like 3360 MoMO from M to O (1120times.com) or AAnonymes, the search of the deliberated accident (2005-2009) and new media supports. He has supported and coordinated a series of non-western and emerging artists, as well established artists: from Lise Sarfati’s in Roma at the Villa Medicis to Samuel Fosso’s monographic show at Rencontres d’Arles. He is creating a plumber shop gallery, MoMO Galerie, since 2010. Since, he is involved in artistic direction and production partnership with the studio and magazine Momologue.